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"5 STEPS" webinars

Ann won the contest for the 5 Steps Internet presence.

" Thank you for your email about your training seminar. 
I was very excited to hear about it.  I believe I would be the perfect candidate for this seminar because I don't know much about designing a website or how to go about getting one.  
I would like to own my own business, but don't have a lot of money to get one started.  Having a website would be invaluable. 
I believe that I would be able to ask a lot of good questions and give helpful feedback in return. 
Please consider me for this great opportunity. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Find her new internet presence here: http://thefixitqueen.wordpress.com/



“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”  – Robert Anthony

The internet is the most powerful and affordable marketing tool available today.
If  you  have no internet presence, you are losing out on a huge opportunity.

A web presence isn’t just a brochure that maybe someone will visit and look at. Is a key tool in your sales process. A tool to get your visitors excited, interested and know your business, product and services.

Grab this amazing and huge opportunity, compete with the big companies by demanding your share of the profits TODAY! 

What is in for you?
Once you finished the course you will have a presence on the internet, knowledge of how to maintain, update, implement and generate and capture your leads.

You will have a better understanding on how the internet works, what are the main issues to concentrate your efforts on, and how to market and reach prospects to convert them into loyal customers.

What will this cost?
The only cost to you, is course registration fee, an Internet connection, a basic understanding on how the computer works, and willingness to participate few hours on the webinar.

Check out other "5 STEPS" training virtual sessions:

  • YouTube channel (how to create account; channel; add key words; additional tips)

  • Video editing and upload (how to create and what program to use; easy editing)

  • Social networking (how to create and link back to web site)

  • Marketing your small business (niche; branding; online SEO; SES)

  • Conference calls; web meetings; webinars (where to find and how to use)

  • CRM (what it is; where to find a programs that works; how to set up and use)

  • Mail program (which to use, how to set up, rules, signatures files)

Sessions start at $ 275.00 (individual sessions 4-5 hour worth of hands on training workshop)
To register fill out the form on top of this page.

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